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What do you recommend to remove old stickers from windows?

Removing Stickers From Windows

There are many techniques for removing stickers from windows, and everyone you ask will probably have their own favorite way. The best advice is to first try and scrape away as much of the sticker as you can. A razor blade or butter knife can probably help you do this. Once you removed as much of the sticker as possible, you will want to choose one of the many products you can use to remove the rest of the sticker. Goo-Gone is a great product you can buy from a drugstore or grocery store and rub on any sticker remains. The household rubbing alcohol you probably have in your bathroom cabinet should also work. And surprisingly enough, some people swear that a little peanut butter can get stickers off of any surface.

How can I keep my windows frost free in the winter time?

Frost Free Winter Windows

Do you wake up to frost on the windows? It sort of ruins the view, doesn't it? Here's a window cleaning tip to keep this from happening to you: Mix one part anti freeze, or even rubbing alcohol, with two parts water, and use for washing the windows in the winter. This will keep your windows frost free and allow you to view scenic snow covered buildings or mountains instead.

How do I clean blinds?

Cleaning Window Blinds

Many people find their window blinds extremely difficult to clean but it shouldn't be that hard if you know what you're doing. First of all, how you clean the blinds depends on exactly what kind cleaning you wish to do. For:

  • Light, routine cleaning: First make sure your blinds are lowered and the slats are closed. Wipe the blinds gently with a damp rag. When you are done with one side, close blinds the other way and wipe the other side.
  • Deep cleaning: You must remove the blinds from the window and lay them outside on a cloth that can get dirty. Then spray the blinds with an all-purpose cleaner and allow them to sit for a few minutes. Scrub the cleaner into the blinds with a soft-bristled brush in a parallel motion to the slats. Do this on both sides of the blinds and then rinse with a hose. Allow the blinds to dry outside before re-hanging.

How do I wash the screens from my windows?

Window Screen Cleaning

Screens are not the most attractive part of window cleaning. They're dusty, they have dirt and debris stuck in their little holes. They can honestly present a window cleaning challenge. They can also be a lot of fun to clean if you use the right window cleaning equipment. Try taking them outside and cleaning them with a garden hose. Saved for a hot day, cleaning the windows can cool you off as well! Hose down both sides and leave in the sun to air dry. Here's an additional window cleaning tip: The hose attachment on a vacuum cleaner will get dirt out of all of the little holes and crevices.

How can I clean the inside of my window tracks?

Aluminum Window Frame Cleaning

When we're cleaning our windows, there are areas we don't forget. We like to make sure the glass shines. We'll also clean the sills and the frames. The inside tracks however, are a whole other story. The window cleaning supplies needed to clean aluminum window frames are liquid dishwashing soap, a scouring pad, and a soft toothbrush or cotton swab to clean the inside corners. After the window frames are clean, rub the area with a little mineral oil (food oils can turn rancid) or even baby oil to keep the window moving smoothly.

How can I keep paint off my windows without using tape?

Keep Paint Off Windows

Everyone likes to add new color to a room. Unfortunately, if not prepped properly this can mean hours of window cleaning to remove paint. If you'd like to keep paint off your windows, but don't want to shell out the money for painter's tape, you might want to consider this window cleaning tip. If you wet strips of newspaper and paste them around the edges and corners of your window, they'll stick for at least as long as it takes to paint the window. Another wonderful piece of window cleaning equipment is petroleum jelly. Smear the jelly around the corners and edges of the window and paint won't stick at all. Wipe clean with a cloth. Now isn't that much simpler than cleaning windows with a razor blade to remove all of that paint?

What do I use to clean mirrors?

Lint-Free Mirrors

Cleaning windows to a lint-free shine can present a challenge. Paper towels and dust cloth leave little bits behind. Don't use the wrong window cleaning supplies! To clean your windows with leaving a reminder, try newspaper, coffee filters or a cloth diaper. You'll never go back to paper towels again!

How do I remove scratches from glass?

Scratch Removal from Glass

Older windows can scratch easily, obstructing our view or causing the window to take on a dull look. For cleaing windows of tiny scratches, try rubbing in a white toothpaste. (Not a gel, please.) Wipe off with a cloth.

How do I remove dried paint from my windows?

Paint Removal from Windows

Before you set about painting your window frames, be sure to properly prep the windows with tape or vaseline. If you don't you're creating a window cleaning nightmare. No one wants to scrape paint from glass. If you do get paint on the windows however, try this window cleaning tip: Wet the paint with some soapy water ( a mild dishwashing liquid works fine) or vinegar. Whent he paint is softened, scrape away with a razor blade, being careful not to scratch the glass.

How can I remove tape from my windows?

Tape Removal from Window Glass

When prepping your windows to paint the frames, be sure to use painter's tape. The wrong type of tape will continute to stick to your window and no amount of window cleaning will remove the residue. Fortunately for you, cleaning windows with WD40 will remove any adhesive residue left behind by maskiing and other tapes. Simply spray on and wipe off.

How do I clean mini blinds?

Cleaning Mini-Blinds

Many ofus pause when coming across mini-blinds at our local home improvement center. Sure they look nice, but the cleaning! It's bad enough to spend a day cleaning windows, but spending hours getting dust and dirt out of micro blinds is not anyone's idea of how to spend weekend. Here's a window cleaning tip to speed up the process: Use the hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner. You won't even need to remove the blinds if you don't want. A dryer rubbed along the blinds will also quickly remove dust and alleviate the static so dust won't build up as easily.

How can I remove mineral deposits from my windows?

Mineral Deposit Removal from Windows

If you were cleaning windows with hard water, you probably have mineral deposits left behind on your windows. To rectify this, try cleaning windows with straight vinegar. It will remove hard water stains and mineral deposits and leave your windows with a shine. Wipe clean with newspaper.

How can I remove smoke film from my mini-blinds and vertical blinds?

Smoke Film Removal from Blinds

Here's a window cleaning tip for smokers: To remove a smoke film from your blinds, wipe each slat with a sponge dipped in a vinegar water solution. This window cleaning solution will also remove the odors associated with smoking.

How do I clean windows that have many small panes?

Cleaning Many Small Window Panes

Many families dread spring cleaning for one reason, window cleaning! Who wants to spend a beautiful day cleaning windows? Those multi paned windows are the worst to, they distrupt the flow and take longer to clean. To make it run a little smoother, you'll need a different type of window cleaning equipment. Try cotton balls! Cotton balls sprayed with window cleaner are great for those hard to clean areas!

How can I clean my fabric blinds?

Cleaning Fabric Blinds

When it's time to do the window cleaning, of course you'll want to handle the window treatments as well. Blinds made of fabric can present a challenge, however. To remove dust and cobwebs from your window treatments consider this window cleaning tip: Use the hose attachment on your vacuum to remove all traces of dust and dirt. If you need to take the shades down for an extra cleaning, always follow the manufacturer's care instructions. In the shades can be washed by hand, you'll only need these window cleaning supplies: mild dishwashing liquid and warm water. Wash the shades in warm soapy water, and hang to dry. Rather than wringing the water out, roll them up in a towel -- squeezing as you go -- to remove excess water before hanging outside to dry.

How can I remove latex paint from my window screens?

Latex Paint Removal from Screens

Be sure to tape newspaper over window screens before painting their frames. Otherwise you may be left with a messy window cleaning situation. If you do get latex paint on the windw, it's easy enough to remove. Just dip a rag in a paint thinner or remover formulated to thin latex paint. Rubbing Alcohol or nail polish remover might also work. Your window cleaning supplies for this task shouldn't include cotton balls or paper towels however, these can get caught in the holes in the screen, making matters worse.

How can I remove bleach streaks from a mirror?

Remove Bleach Streaks from Mirror

Streaks from a bleach based cleaner can cause mirrors to look dull. To clean mirrors to a shine, you only need your basic window cleaning supplies. Spray the mirrors with a window or glass cleaner and wipe away with a squeegee or low lint type cloth such as a diaper.

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