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The Top 5 Cleaning Apps

Whether it's New Year's, spring cleaning or any other time of the year, it doesn't hurt to have a clean home. You may wonder just how and where to start. Look to your smartphone first. You can download a variety of apps that can make cleaning a lot simpler, meaning that you may want to do it more often. Maybe.

1. Rumgr on iPhone

Get rid of old, unwanted items through a rummage sale, or use Rumgr. You can snap a picture of the item you want sold, set up a price, and then offer it up for sale right through this free app.

2. Clean Freak Cleaning Schedule on iPhone

For just 99 cents, you can set up a cleaning to-do list. Enjoy checking off items and breaking down huge cleaning tasks into smaller, more manageable ones with this app.

3. House Cleaning on Android

This free app offers a list of all the common rooms in a house, giving you tips on how to clean each. The point of the app is to develop a routine that encompasses the whole house.

4. Green Shine on iPhone

Everyone wants to go green, and with this app, you can. For only three dollars, learn how to clean in a way that preserves the environment using products without harmful chemicals.

5. Chore Hero on iPhone

If you need some help on household tasks, use this app. For three dollars, you can divvy up chores among the family and dole out rewards to make cleaning somewhat fun.

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