Spring Cleaning Tips

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Starting your Spring Cleaning

When spring cleaning time comes, you want to get a great job done and fast. Here are a few spring cleaning tips to help you along the way. Make yourself a checklist for house cleaning. Write down everything that you want to get done in each room. You can pass these out to the family so that they can share the work with you. Give each child a list for their room. Make sure that you have all of your cleaning supplies available before you start working.

Do not forget to clean things that never get done through the year. Take apart windows and clean inside of them. Remember that you need to vacuum behind the couch. Dust off all of your ceiling fans. Remember to dust from the top down so you are cleaning up the dirt that falls along the way.

Make sure that you throw things away and start a pile for donation. Get rid of things that have not been used in the past year. If you did not use it then, you probably do not really need this item in the first place. You will feel better once all of this cleaning is done. Look back and enjoy the work that you have done. Your clean home will be a happy home.


Spring Cleaning Checklist

This Spring is you house suffering from that "can't have people over because the place is a mess syndrome"? Are you ready to give up because you can't figure out where to start? Here is your Spring Cleaning Checklist simplified. Get yourself a kitchen timer and use the Swiss Cheese Method for Poking Holes in Time. First make a list of the rooms in your house and call these zones. The kitchen is a zone at the heart of the house so start there first. Set your timer for 15 minutes. Anybody can do anything for 15 minutes. Get your rags your cleaners, and mop. Set your timer and clean until the bell goes off. Give yourself a 15 minute break and then set the timer again for another 15 minutes. That wasn't so bad was it? Keep going until your kitchen looks spic and span. De-cluttering should be an essential part of your Spring Cleaning Cecklist, because without doing that your place will be impossible to keep clean. Take three boxes -- one for stuff to give away; the second for stuff to throw away; and the third for stuff to put away. When you have the stuff to give away ready take it to a local charity quickly so you won't change your mind. Clean every zone with your timer and delutter, declutter, declutter!


Simple Spring Cleaning

It's that time of year again and things are starting to feel cluttered around your home. Start with a checklist for house cleaning to get you started. This will provide the framework and structure necessary to keep you from going off track.

To start your checklist, grab a pen and paper. Draw three lines straight down the page and create headings across the top: ITEM - YARD SALE - JUNK. Now, visit every room of your house. Is there anything in that particular room that you know you're never going to use or need again? Write it down. These things will be the first to go.

As you're assessing what stays and what goes, place a checkmark under one of the other categories. For example, if the item is worth selling, place a check mark on YARD SALE. If it's garbage or recyclable, place a check mark under JUNK.

When you're finished going through every room of your house (don't forget the garage!) it's time to come up with a solid plan. Schedule a serious work day and get it all done at once. You may need some help so enlist friends or a family member to help out. Entice them with food and beverages and you won't have any trouble at all getting the help you need. Just remember...stick to your list and keep with the plan.

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