Starting your Spring Cleaning

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Starting your Spring Cleaning

When spring cleaning time comes, you want to get a great job done and fast. Here are a few spring cleaning tips to help you along the way. Make yourself a checklist for house cleaning. Write down everything that you want to get done in each room. You can pass these out to the family so that they can share the work with you. Give each child a list for their room. Make sure that you have all of your cleaning supplies available before you start working.

Do not forget to clean things that never get done through the year. Take apart windows and clean inside of them. Remember that you need to vacuum behind the couch. Dust off all of your ceiling fans. Remember to dust from the top down so you are cleaning up the dirt that falls along the way.

Make sure that you throw things away and start a pile for donation. Get rid of things that have not been used in the past year. If you did not use it then, you probably do not really need this item in the first place. You will feel better once all of this cleaning is done. Look back and enjoy the work that you have done. Your clean home will be a happy home.



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