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10 Signs That You are Obsessed With Cleaning

Cleaning the house is not typically a person's favorite activity, but that certainly doesn't apply to you! If you need a short break from being on your knees with a toothbrush, as well as a quick laugh, enjoy these ten jokes about your passion for scrubbing.

You know you're obsessed with cleaning when…

  • …Your close friends don't worry about the "five second rule" when visiting your home.

  • …You wish that you could find a perfume with undertones of bleach.

  • …You find yourself cleaning your cleaning supplies.

  • …Your whites aren't "white" until they glow in the dark.

  • …You call family and friends just to tell them about that new cleaning product that you found.

  • …You try to find tactful ways of asking other people if you can organize their pantry.

  • …Your friends call you Monica Geller.

  • …You go through more paper towels than toilet tissue in your home.

  • …You turn down a date because the oven is overdue for a good scrub.

  • …You've toying with the idea of re-naming your white cat "Clorox."

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