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How do you get melted crayon out of clothing?

1 Melted Crayon + 1 Load of Laundry = 1Big Uh-Oh!

There's tons of advice on how to get crayon out of clothing but so far the most recommended is: 20 Mule Team Borax and hot water.

Soak the clothing in the hottest water possible with the Borax. Follow measurement directions for your load size to the tee- Borax has a tendency to be hard on fabrics. Wash your clothes and check the results. Depending on the amount of damage done by the crayon, you may need to wash more than once.

How can I remove inkpen from oil based painted doors. Tried the hairspray and didn;t work. Thanks Peggy

Removing Inkpen from Oil Base Paint

Stains result when any foreign agent- be it ink, rust or chocolate pudding- land on a porous surface. (A 'porous surface' is a surface that has microscopic pits or holes that can't be seen with the naked eye.) When these pits or holes fill with ink, the object of the game is to get it back out before it has time to settle in- that's why it's important to attack a stain while it is fresh. The longer a stain sits, the harder it is to get it out.

With ink, you'll want to use a cottonball (or soft rag) dipped in rubbing alcohol. However, take extreme care to test for colorfastness first! The problem that comes with getting any stain out of any surface is the increased potential for damaging the finish of a stained surface.

If you are not particularly concerned about the finish, try the rubbing alcohol and see if the stain will come out that way. If it does not- or if you are concerned about hurting the surface, then it is time for a new coat of paint!

How can I remove permanent marker from my refridegerator?

Permanent Marker Stain Removal from Refridgerator

Be careful when wielding a permanant marker or you may be tackling a kitchen cleaning task you didn't count on.Try using rubbing alcohol to try and remove the permanent marker from your fridge. You could also try using a fabric pre-wash spray or a color-safe bleach. Trying them on a non-visible area first to ensure that they do not damage the finish on your fridge. Saturating the stain with hair spray might also remove it.

How do I get rid of crayon marks?

Crayon Removal from Appliances

To get crayon off your fridge or stove, try this handy kitchen cleaning tip: use either a non-gel toothpaste or some WD-40. Both work well at eliminating crayon from appliances.

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