Mineral Deposit Removal from Windows

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How can I remove mineral deposits from my windows?

Mineral Deposit Removal from Windows

If you were cleaning windows with hard water, you probably have mineral deposits left behind on your windows. To rectify this, try cleaning windows with straight vinegar. It will remove hard water stains and mineral deposits and leave your windows with a shine. Wipe clean with newspaper.



3/3/2007 12:54:17 AM
FRED said:


3/3/2007 9:18:20 PM
Robert Lamb said:

It's a good idea to use an acid to remove hard water stains (mineral deposits) from windows. One of the main reasons hard water stains damage a window is from a sprinkler system that sprays a window and leaves these spots on a window. Sometimes a window has stage three corrosion, which is beyond repair. But some stains can only be removed with a acid a little stronger than vinegar. If vinegar doesn't work, call a professional window cleaner. He may offer stain removal and have just the right chemicals to repair your damaged window.

Robert Lamb
Window Masters

3/3/2007 11:08:47 PM
cable busters said:

did't work-5 application no resilts

3/9/2007 12:32:56 PM
Carrie said:

I heard that using lemon oil pledge also works.

7/14/2007 6:08:35 PM
Ross Radford said:

Although vinegar does work for removing hard-water stains, it is not recommended for prolonged or repeated use. Vinegar has been known to strip the finish or "glaze" of a window leaving it even more succeptible to the elements. After using vinegar or any other hard-water stain remover, follow up with an application of rain-x windshield treatment! It's not only for car windshields! This will keep your windows protected for quite a while!

8/10/2008 9:48:41 PM
Judy said:

Vinegar is great for windows, stainless steel faucets, shower doors and many other uses. It is not harmful to the environment and I have been using it for years.


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