Removing Stickers From Windows

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What do you recommend to remove old stickers from windows?

Removing Stickers From Windows

There are many techniques for removing stickers from windows, and everyone you ask will probably have their own favorite way. The best advice is to first try and scrape away as much of the sticker as you can. A razor blade or butter knife can probably help you do this. Once you removed as much of the sticker as possible, you will want to choose one of the many products you can use to remove the rest of the sticker. Goo-Gone is a great product you can buy from a drugstore or grocery store and rub on any sticker remains. The household rubbing alcohol you probably have in your bathroom cabinet should also work. And surprisingly enough, some people swear that a little peanut butter can get stickers off of any surface.



1/20/2007 7:45:16 AM
Karen said:

I have also used WD-40 and it works to get stickers off of things. Just get the sticker and peel as much as possible then spray with WD-40 let it set for a couple of minutes and then clean the area

3/6/2007 8:34:57 AM
PatB said:

GooGone works great and also works on tar off of tile

3/6/2007 6:12:19 PM
willie said:

you can also try goo hand cleaner,the one you use to clean your hands after you work on the works!!!!!

10/8/2007 12:01:33 PM
John said:

If you use a scraper/razor, make sure to wet the surface to minimize or avoid scratching the window.

10/14/2007 12:43:49 PM
Larry said:

Lighter Fuild work well

1/26/2008 6:24:12 AM
Larry said:

To remove stickers simply use a scraper with a new blade and plenty of water and dish soap , never scrape glass with a butter knife as you will scratch the glass.

10/16/2011 6:34:44 AM
Fallen Angel said:

Lighter fluid takes off all sticker residue. No need to scrape before hand. Just squirt lighter fluid over the sticker, let sit for a minute, then gently lift with a kitchen knife and wipe excess with a paper towel.


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