Latex Paint Removal from Screens

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How can I remove latex paint from my window screens?

Latex Paint Removal from Screens

Be sure to tape newspaper over window screens before painting their frames. Otherwise you may be left with a messy window cleaning situation. If you do get latex paint on the windw, it's easy enough to remove. Just dip a rag in a paint thinner or remover formulated to thin latex paint. Rubbing Alcohol or nail polish remover might also work. Your window cleaning supplies for this task shouldn't include cotton balls or paper towels however, these can get caught in the holes in the screen, making matters worse.



10/21/2007 10:27:53 AM
Roxie said:

I tried the paint thinner and the nail polish remover and the paint is still there.

7/6/2009 5:18:09 PM
tina said:

to clean stickers off of windows:

*u need a razor blade-
*window cleaner
*clean rag

spray the area,let soak ,spray again, scrap, spray, scrap, till gone .
*clean window as usual..
hope this helps, it s all i do, u don t need the fancy stuff from the stores.quit wasting ur $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.


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