Smoke Film Removal from Blinds

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How can I remove smoke film from my mini-blinds and vertical blinds?

Smoke Film Removal from Blinds

Here's a window cleaning tip for smokers: To remove a smoke film from your blinds, wipe each slat with a sponge dipped in a vinegar water solution. This window cleaning solution will also remove the odors associated with smoking.



10/22/2006 3:04:00 PM
connie said:

When you say Vinegar, do you mean Apple Cider or White?

7/3/2008 1:47:40 AM
Logic316 said:

WHITE vinegar is what's used for cleaning and deodorizing. Apple cider vinegar is generally used for health tonics and such, and would actually leave a brown stain. Though perhaps a better tip for keeping your blinds (and everything else) looking and smelling cleaner is by not smoking in the house in the first place.


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