Paint Removal from Windows

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How do I remove dried paint from my windows?

Paint Removal from Windows

Before you set about painting your window frames, be sure to properly prep the windows with tape or vaseline. If you don't you're creating a window cleaning nightmare. No one wants to scrape paint from glass. If you do get paint on the windows however, try this window cleaning tip: Wet the paint with some soapy water ( a mild dishwashing liquid works fine) or vinegar. Whent he paint is softened, scrape away with a razor blade, being careful not to scratch the glass.



3/4/2007 6:12:36 AM
ralph said:

sure it works, have done the method in the past.

3/6/2007 12:17:43 PM
Melody said:

This was a good tip. However I have a question??
About windows that have been painted entirely black. HOW DO I REMOVE IT?? It's been on the windows for along time maybe 8yrs. HELP!

3/9/2007 12:21:23 PM
Michael said:

Paint removal can be a problem. If you are using a sprayer to paint then the whole window must be covered by tape and plastic. If you are using a paint brush then you should use masking tape. If you use the tan masking tape it must be removed as soon as the paint is dry or the tape will leave residue that is tougher to get off than the paint. If you do get paint on the window then you can use a razor blade but you must be careful to only use a razor blade on non-tempered windows. If the windows are tempered (i.e. have a tattoo sandblasted into the glass) then you can use 0000 steel wool. This can scratch your glass too if it is not new and you scrub too hard. Paint thinner is a good way to go also. Be careful not to scratch your glass. It is hard to tell if you are scratching the glass until it is too late so test a discrete area first. For heavy amounts of paint, call a professional. Always use water with dishsoap when using any abrasive materials against your window. Use these suggestions at your own risk.


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