Remove Pet Odors from Furniture

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How do I remove dog smells from upholdstered furniture?

Remove Pet Odors from Furniture

Man's best friend certainly likes to rest up on man's best pieces of furniture. While we usually don't mind sharing our comfy chairs with our pets, we do mind removing pet odors. If your furniture is starting to pick up the smell of your pets, try these pet odor removal hints: If your furniture is slip coverd, remove the cover and wash at least once a month to remove pet odors. Laying a dryer sheet on top of the furniture will keep it smelling fresh and clean and mask any dog smells. If your slip cover is not removable, freshen the furniture by sprinkling baking soda, corn starch or talcum powder. Vacuum after a few hoursThe powder will absorb the smells and leave your furniture with a fresh scent.



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