Cleaning Antique Furniture

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How do I remove water marks from my anqiue furniture?

Cleaning Antique Furniture

If we're not careful with our beverages, we can cause damage to those things that mean the most to us. Before you put a beverage down on an antique table, be sure to use a coaster or you risk leaving a water mark behind on the wood. If this has happened to you, cleaning antique furniture of these marks if you act quickly. You have several options for removing water marks from wood. Mayonnaise left on the stain over night is usually enough to remove the stain as is a white, non-gel toothpaste. If you can get to the mark immediately, try to dry it with a hair dryer first. If you're unsure about using any of these products on your wood, test it on a hidden area before you go about this type of house cleaning.



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