Storing Silver to Prevent Tarnish

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How can I store my silver items to prevent tarnishing?

Storing Silver to Prevent Tarnish

After you're done washing the dishes, take the silver items and dry them thoroughly. To prevent them from tarnishing, you can store them in specially treated cloth bags or chests lined with special fabrics sold in jewelry shops, the silver department of a department store and sometimes even in hardware stores. Fabric stores also sell specially treated cloth which you can use to wrap up your silver. You can also buy anti-tarnish strips or camphor squares that can be stored with - but not touching - your silver. Some people recommend wrapping your silver in plastic wrap, but over time this may trap moisture and cause spots on the silver.



9/19/2006 2:50:12 PM
A Subscriber said:

A silversmith recommended a special kind of treated tissue paper to wrap silver. It works!

9/19/2006 6:35:49 PM
Debbie said:

Very helpful! I'll look for the cloth on my next trip to the fabric store. Remember to wash all the egg from your fork - that really tarnishes fast!

9/20/2006 10:34:15 AM
wendy said:

DO NOT use plastic wrap to wrap your silver. My mother did this,
meaning well, and some of the pieces have never cleaned up.
Also, be very careful of the camphor- some stored with some jewelry ate into the stone set in a pin.

1/25/2008 9:05:27 AM
Ann said:

The cloth you are referring to is called Pacific Cloth and can usually be found in fabric stores. This is the only safe way to store silver . Wrap your silver jewelry in it as well and you will always find it in the same condition you left it in.
Plastic wrap will ruin silver.

1/25/2008 1:18:57 PM
sarah said:

i have also heard placing chalk in the cloth bags helps. it absorbs moisture that will tarnish.


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