Oil Fire Damage to Non-stick Pan

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Can a non-stick pan be salvaged after an oil fire?

Oil Fire Damage to Non-stick Pan

Whether or not you can salvage a non-stick pan after an oil fire depends on the amount of damage. Sometimes, no amount of kitchen cleaning will remove burns and scorches. You can make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it to the pot and allow to sit overnight. Use the paste to scrub it in the morning, and if it seems to be working repeat the process as many times as necessary. You may also want to try soaking the pot with hot water and dishwasher detergent (powder). If neither of these work, you may need to get a new pot.



1/18/2008 11:28:17 AM
gingerbread said:

I would strongly recommend against using a non-stick pan that has been damaged in any way. The chemicals used to create the non-stick surface are hazardous and can leach into food, even at moderate temperatures. Better to go with a stainless steel or cast iron pan in the first place.

1/18/2008 1:33:17 PM
Kenneth A Jeffus said:

Teflon surfaces release toxins when heated to that kind of temperature.

6/15/2009 3:42:53 PM
SS said:

Try bar-keeper's friend detergent available in most stores. Works well on tough stains.


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