Dried on Dish Detergent Removal

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How can I remove dried on dish detergent from my dishes?

Dried on Dish Detergent Removal

Sometimes while washing dishes, we're called away from the sink. When this happens, any undissolved detergent can dry on plates and cups. When you resume washing the dishes, remove the dried on detergent by soaking for a few minutes in warm water. If this doesn't work, try soaking the dishes in hot water with a half cup of white vinegar which works well to cut through dried detergent.



9/7/2006 7:11:43 PM
Chippy Dippy said:

Personally, meaning me, as a person, I'd rather use paper plates and plastic utensils. Unless of course I could just afford to pitch everything away, maybe over the wall into my senile neighbor's back yard, and then just periodically, when I encounter him on the street, say to him, "Hey, aren't those dishes you planted coming up nicely?"


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