Non-Streaky White Cabinets

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How can I clean my white kitchen cabinets so there aren't any streaks?

Non-Streaky White Cabinets

Try cleaning kitchen cabinets using baking soda and water. Baking soda is a very effective, yet gentle cleaner and it will remove and grease, food, and other materials without scratching the surface. The streaks on your cabinets are likely caused by detergent build-up from regular kitchen cabinet cleaning. If they're thoroughly rinsed, the streaks should disappear. If not, try using a vinegar/water solution, as vinegar very effectively removes streaks and soap residue. You could also try using window cleaner.



12/31/2007 4:33:01 PM
Anonymous said:

Do not use window cleaner (ammonia-based) on any white cabinet or appliance. The ammonia will prematurely "yellow" your white finish over time.


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