Preventive Plumbing

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How do I prevent my kitchen drain from plugging or smelling bad?

Preventive Plumbing

Before washing dishes, scrape off any leftover food particles into the garbage. If we don't do this, we risk getting these particles into our drain which will cause the food to rot and clog the drain. Pouring a solution of water and salt (1/2 cup salt per quart of water) into sink drains every other week, removes grease and prevents odors.



8/17/2006 10:44:03 AM
Mariann said:

I'm going to try this. I have used lemon wedges and ice for the diposal side of the sink. Thanks for the tip !

8/17/2006 12:01:56 PM
terri padilla said:

thanks for the tip. I had know ideal.

8/17/2006 8:48:56 PM
Steven said:

I would use caution here. not all plumbing is plastic especially underground or older homes ect. using salt in this manner may create larger troubles later 4 u down the road. and or your taxes for new sewage lines. especially if many people start this as a trend. also if this kills your odor problem here,then a build up at the treatment plant will breakdown the process at that point. if you are in the country on septic systems I would urge caution there as well. what would I do in place of you ask. first we had huge gardens about 2.5 acres worth, you don't need quite as much, however we keep a trash can under sink for paper items next a small container zip lock size,old plastic bags for non compost/animal waist. and last of all a strong galvenized trash can for all compostables. Every thing now going to its proper location for disposal.>>a burn barrel out back as they say. >>compost pile >>or garbage pile,not more than a large brown paper bag a week for the street pick up, "not over loading those boys with environment contaminants from the city.that they seem to toss out weekly." DAD was a pipe fitter and "we had strict rules for what went down the drain." so if no grease goes in. then no grease builds up. the plummers union would not like for you to know this I'm sure but the last place pop's wanted to fix was at home!!!!! p.s. sorry for the wordiness but grandma also guarded the gates to the kitchen sink with a rod of iron.going up one side, down the other,if any one still remembers that far back to the stone age,or the garden period of, hoe, hoe, hoe. and it ment a huge pain in the...come the end of the day.

12/11/2007 6:38:26 PM
Phisherman said:

Salt quickly deteriorates metal so make sure you understand your drain system first. A quart of boiling water down the sink/shower drain will help clear many clogs, although hot water should never be added to a toilet.


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