Strong Odor Removal from Chest Freezer

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How do I remove odors from my freezer?

Strong Odor Removal from Chest Freezer

Vinegar is not only a great product to use for general kitchen cleaning. It will also work to remove strong odors in your chest freezer by washing it out with vinegar. If any odor remains, fill shallow pans with either ground coffee, activated charcoal or baking soda and place on the bottom of freezer. Close the lid, and let sit for 2 to 3 days.



8/8/2006 6:21:50 AM
zog said:

a bag of open charcoal also works well after you clean the freezer

2/13/2009 9:07:10 AM
Wanda said:

Crumble up newspaper and place in several areas of your freezer, the smell gets absorbed by the newspaper. After a few weeks throw away the crumbled newspaper and replace with fresh crumbled paper. It really works, I tried it with FISH odor!

6/1/2009 9:50:54 PM
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