Fresh Smelling Dishwasher

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How can I freshen up my dishwasher?

Fresh Smelling Dishwasher

When washing the dishes, you want them to look and smell fresh. For a fresh smelling dishwasher, try placing a lemon half in the utensil container. Run your machine through a normal cycle, and your dishes and dishwasher will come out smelling fresh and lemony. Lemon is great for all kinds of ktichen cleaning as it leaves everything smelling wonderful!



11/15/2007 5:33:29 AM
Deb said:

This is a much better idea than the idea my friend's daughter-in-law had. Many times she placed a scented candle in her dishwasher. It worked just fine until that one time when they left the house with the candle burning in the dishwasher and it burned the house down!

11/15/2007 5:48:47 AM
Pamela Abner said:

I have done this before and it does work. Also, I put a lemon in my disposal and it makes it smell good (don't just put one in, turn on the disposal)

11/15/2007 7:34:22 AM
hasti said:

good idea,lemon makes things smell better.

11/15/2007 10:37:21 AM
LuAnn said:

You can also clean the dishwasher by running a cycle with Orange or Lemon powdered drink mix (something like Tang)in the soap dispenser. It will clean it all up and smell like Orange or Lemon when done.

11/15/2007 4:34:22 PM
Lindsay said:

What a wonderful idea. Word to the wise, don't use lemon dish soap...your dishwasher will flood. Yes I did that once, but I'm young

11/15/2007 8:53:20 PM
Reta Culbertson said:

makes all the dishes smell great , wonderful lemoney smell.

11/16/2007 7:18:50 AM
Jan said:

This is a great idea, and not expensive to do.

5/2/2009 12:30:46 PM
sheila said:

i tried it it works and my glasses where very shinny and smelled fresh

5/2/2009 9:22:07 PM
mom said:

sounds like a good idea, but how can you make your dishwater fresh and smelling good if you don't have a dishwasher? do you have any tips for just plain ole dish water? would a lemon half work here also?


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