Marble Stains

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How do I remove stains from marble?

Marble Stains

Chances are, your favorite kitchen cleaning product isn't formulated to clean marble counter tops. Marble can be cleaned using warm, sudsy water or a solution of borax and water. Thoroughly rinse and buff dry. To remove stains from marble, make a paste of baking soda and bleach and cover the stain with the paste. Cover the paste with a damp cloth, leave overnight, then wet down and scrape off residue. Rinse thoroughly. You could also try a paste made from 20% hydrogen peroxide and powdered whitening from the paint store, using the same method. A commercial marble cleaner is another alternative. You may want to seal the marble to make future cleanings easier either with a commercial sealant or a coat of high quality automotive polish.



10/11/2007 9:16:31 AM
wanda presberry said:

How much baking soda and bleach do I use?


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