Washing Down Comforter

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How can I clean my down comforter?

Washing Down Comforter

When it's time for cleaning mattresses and bedding, always remember to check manufacturer's care labels first. In many cases, the label on a comforter will recommend dry cleaning. If this is the case, don't throw the comforter into the washing machine. If your comforter can be washed in the machine, use a gentle cycle, a mild detergent and distribute the comforter evenly around the agitator. Dry the comforter in the dryer using a clean pair of sneakers and a couple of dryer sheets to keep it smelling fresh.



8/2/2006 3:35:17 PM
Chloe Hall said:

Is there a certain reason you should use a clean pair of sneakers

2/21/2007 9:10:14 AM
Sandra said:

The sneakers help to bounce to comforter around so it the filling doesnt bunch up. I use two or three tennis balls, or you can buy dryer balls in the laundry section of any mass market store.

2/21/2007 9:24:24 AM
Rich said:

I would assume the purpose of using sneakers is to lift and separate, much like a Dryer Ball would do with your laundry. Sneakers would be larger though, so might be good for something as large as a comforter. Making sure to use "clean" sneakers (along with dryer sheets) is just an added bonus to avoid making the comforter smell like feet.

2/21/2007 3:59:52 PM
Tana Warner said:

The sneakers help keep the comforter from bunching up, so it dries faster as well as keeping the down fluffy.

5/24/2007 12:17:26 PM
Katie Rose said:

I have several small down comforter throws. I wash them often because of pet hair. I did make a mistake with one. I put fabric softener in the rinse. This caused the feathers to smooth down and not be as fluffy in the comforter. It is not as warm as the others.

6/12/2007 6:34:37 PM
Ursula Germany said:

Your article does not say anything about how to clean a mattress! ???

7/6/2007 11:31:55 PM
sam said:

Okay! But why sneakers?

7/13/2007 7:05:29 AM
Deb said:

You can use the sneakers or a couple of tennis balls. The tennis balls work when you dry a down jacket, too. Put them in the pockets of the jacket.

To Chloe: the sneakers soften and fluff the comforter. It keeps the fill in the comforter from matting and going flat.

8/1/2007 4:17:36 PM
John H said:

Hey Chloe, no there is no reason why you need to throw sneakers in with your down comforter while it's in the dryer...But you should put SOMETHING in there that pulls the feathrs apart where they collect in the comforter pocket corners. People use CLEAN sneakers to do this (for obvious reasons not-so-clean ones would fluff it, but stink it up too) Me, I have a can of tennis balls in my laundry area bought for the job. throw all 3 in with conforter, pillows, down jackets...One can has lasted years...and its soo much quieter than dubious sneakers. Ya know?

1/2/2008 7:18:30 PM
mary said:

Dry comforters on air setting. I dried a comforter on perma-press and the area of the comforter that was next to where to heat comes out got scorched! Not pretty.

5/20/2008 10:29:36 AM
Mira said:

I would add that the dryer should be set to NO HEAT, or should have a cool down cycle, or should be REMOVED PROMPTLY. I scorched a beautiful comforter which remained in a hot dryer at the end of its cycle. Other than that I've had good results. Clean tennis balls can replace the function of the sneakers. I keep a set just for drying bulky items.

9/6/2009 9:43:37 PM
sassi said:

use clean or new tennis balls. They work better and aren't going to rip your comforter. I do it.


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