Tar Removal from Carpet

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How do I remove tar from my carpet?

Tar Removal from Carpet

If tar has somehow found it's way onto your carpet, don't panic. There's a simple solution for cleaning carpet stains caused by tar, and it only takes minutes. Spray WD-40, the lubricant with thousands of uses, directly onto the tar. Leave it for about ten or fifteen minutes and wipe off with a clean cloth. You may have to repeat this a couple of times, but soon your carpet will look the same as it did before the tar was tracked in.



8/13/2006 7:59:43 AM
Emily Leo said:

Just tried it after panicking a little and actually finding the lump of tar that had left spots all over carpet.... went and bought WD40 and its taking the stains away! Very impressed.

8/24/2006 10:03:24 PM
Betsy said:

Will this WD-40 also work on upholstery that has tar on it?

11/11/2006 4:58:27 PM
Kendra said:

I paid $150 to have my car cleaned, vacuumed & carpet stains (tar) by a professional car detailing shop. They said they couldn't get the tar stains off my car mats. I came home and used the WD-40 and it took it right off the car mats!

11/10/2007 8:48:29 AM
Joyce said:

I just tried the WD-40 on the carpet in our RV, after my husband tracked the tar in on his hiking boots. It worked great! I was very impressed with how quick and well it worked. And, it was such an easy solution!

2/12/2012 11:35:33 AM
IAN said:

Yep it worked even after 2 years

2/8/2015 5:31:45 PM
LC said:

Amazing results!

4/30/2015 7:19:21 PM
John said:

Just tried this on my beige carpet where my son tracked four streaks of tar in from shingling. Worked like a charm first time. Great advice!


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