Rust Stain Removal from Carpet

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How can I remove a rust stain from my carpet?

Rust Stain Removal from Carpet

It's important to keep the area around metal furniture legs dry. If not, we might end up with rust stains on our carpets. These unsightly orange stains can set in and become a permant part of the décor if we don't act quickly enough. It's best to act immediately upon seeing the stain. To remove carpet stains caused by rust, it's best to use an acid-based cleaner. Vinegar and lemon juice work well for this task because they're both contain acids. A cleaner containing oxalic acid will also work at cleaning carpet stains such as rust.



2/6/2007 2:39:48 PM
john davis said:

The aricle does not give instructions on how to use the material. Is the vinegar and lemon juice applied together, or is one or the other used? Is the carpetv saturated, or just a small amount of spray used?

8/25/2007 5:27:28 PM
taylor said:

i have a qusten what if the viger is expored will it still work


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