Removing Stuck on Carpet Padding

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How do I remove stuck on carpet padding?

Removing Stuck on Carpet Padding

It's tough enough having to remove carpet stains. It's even worse if one removes carpet padding only to find part of it is still glued to your floor. If you are removing old carpet in your home and find that the under padding is stuck to the floor underneath, you should be able to removeit using a commercial glue remover. Two commercial products that may also help are called Foam Off, or CitriStrip. You can also try to soak the residue with hot water, and scrape it off. A paint removing product may also help.



7/30/2006 10:42:42 PM
Julie said:

I'll let you know if it works!

12/3/2007 2:50:22 PM
Gloria said:

The carpet in our apt., cannot be removed, unless we move out. The only place we have mold is, at the edge of our slidding door & at the upper corners of our window's. what to do w/that? The mold happened of a water build-up, at the slidding door.


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