Nail Polish Stain Removal from Carpet

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How do I get nail polish off carpets?

Nail Polish Stain Removal from Carpet

Don't cry over spilt nail polish! Manicure mishaps are easily remedied. To remove carpet stains caused by nail polish, just use nail polish remover! Pour onto a cotton ball or clean cloth and blot until the polish has disappeared. Blot again with clean water to remove all residue. Remember, when cleaning carpet stains, especially those made by nail polish, it's important to blot. Don't rub or the nail polish will spread.



10/1/2007 2:50:30 PM
Bonney said:

I have several books on stain removal and have been searching for the way to remove nail polish from my carpet, it's been on there for around 6 mos. Finally I found a possible cure. I will post a new comment after I try it, thankyou again. love your site

6/20/2008 8:24:52 AM
Autumn said:

It does remove the nail polish stain but be careful. On some surfaces the nail polish remover will discolor floor.

12/30/2008 3:07:14 AM
kitty cat pat said:

Use only non-acetone nail polish remover on carpet. Acetone nail polish remover will remove nail polish stains from carpet, but it will also dissolve synthetic carpet fibers.

1/12/2009 7:33:45 AM
Kittycat Pat said:

I did comment on this tip, I don't know where it went. When removing nail polish from carpeting, you should only use NON-ACETONE nail polish remover. Acetone fingernail polish remover will literally melt synthetic fibers. Most carpets made these days contain some percentage of synthetic material. I fear this tip without my comment could lead to disasterous results.


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