Coffee Stain Removal from Carpet

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How can I remove coffee stains from my carpet?

Coffee Stain Removal from Carpet

Coffee stains on carpet aren't difficult to remove if you act quickly. Here's a good rule of thumb: to remove carpet stains effectively, it's important you get to the task immeidately upon spilling, if you don't you're more likely to incur permanant damage. Dab at the stain with vinegar or club soda until it's removed. If you waited too long and the stain has set in, you should still be able to remove the stain by using dry-cleaning solvent. Blot until the stain is lifted.



8/27/2011 7:17:28 PM
Concerned said:

As an envionmental consultant, I am very concerned with this posting. Please, never ever ever have or keep cleaning solvents in your home. That is one of the nastiest subtances you can introduce to your body. It is loaded with chemicals that attack your nervous system! Furthermore, they break down into even nastier chemicals, like vinyl chloride, if in the right conditions.


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