Decal Removal

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How do I remove stuck on bathtub decals?

Decal Removal

The problem with applying decals to a bathtub is that they'll eventually need to be removed. This isn't easy. If you're undergoing a bathroom cleaning seach and destroy mission to eliminate decals, you'll appreciate the following advice: Warm vinegar will loosen decal adhesive. To give the offending decals the heave-ho, saturate a thick cloth with vinegar warmed in the microwave or on the stove. Place the cloth over the decals and let sit for an hour or two. You should be able to scrape the decals away with a paint scraper. (Be careful not to scratch your tub's finish.). If vinegar isn't your thing, here's another bathroom cleaning tip: try WD-40. This handy lubricant is a whiz at removing any kind of adhesive. Spray on, let sit and gently scrape away the decal. Remember, WD-40 is slippery, so be sure to prevent accidents by cleaning up with a grease fighting soap such as dishwashing liquid.



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