Cleaning Shower Heads

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How do I remove lime deposits from my shower head?

Cleaning Shower Heads

We don't usually consider our shower heads when cleaning a bathroom, but we should. Especially if we have what is considered "hard water." Lime and mineral deposits can clog the holes of the shower head giving us less water pressure, which means a less productive shower. Fortuanately there's a simple bathroom cleaning tip to hand this. Warm some vinegar in a microwave and pour into a ziplock bag large enough to place your shower fixture. Leave the shower head in the warm vinegar bath for about an hour. After that time, discard the vinegar and use a toothbrush to clean off any remaining mineral deposits. Rinse in warm water.



8/20/2006 2:19:10 PM
maggie said:

wow i never thought of the zip lock bag, thanks so much was struggling with paper cup which kept slipping!

12/7/2006 6:57:56 AM
Nancey said:

This sounds great!!! I think I'll try it today; vinegar is usually great for cleaning anything!
Thanks for the tip!! Merry Christmas!! and may God Bless You and Yours!!!

12/8/2006 7:49:05 AM
Digby Scallop said:

I have a "telephone" type shower head and find it easier to simply detach and soak overnight in a 50% solution of white vinegar and water. Also keep a spray bottle of this solution in the BR, and another on the kitchen sinkboard for spraying nightly and/or after use. Water here (central Mexico) is rockhard!

6/4/2007 7:14:10 AM
lura tomson said:

ace my dad will be so pleased to finaly clean that shower

8/19/2009 5:13:50 PM
ekrall said:

follow the same procedure but use CocaCola will be amazed!


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