Cleaning Mirrors

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How do I remove hairspray build up from my mirrors?

Cleaning Mirrors

Hurried morning grooming can mean a mess later if we're not careful. If your vanity mirror is dull from hairspray buildup try this bathroom cleaning tip: Washing the mirror with a solution of clairfying shampoo and water will eliminate the sticky haze caused by sprays. For a no-lint shine, wipe clean with a lint free cloth such as a cloth diaper or coffee filter. A cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol will not only help to remove hairspray buildup from the mirrors but will also assist in cleaning bathroom tiles of sticky hair care products.



11/4/2006 11:06:06 PM
dietcoke said:

I have used rubbing alcohol many times to clean mirrors with.It is amazing. I have used coffee filters rarely; more often I use crumpled up newspaper. It leaves no streaks, no lint and no ink residues either. I learned that tip many years ago after working in restaurants. It is also much cheaper to use newspapers too.

6/16/2007 4:55:18 AM
carol said:

how to get lime off a bathroom mirror??

1/27/2009 5:46:37 PM
Laurie said:

For whatever the spots that take to much scrubbing to remove (maybe from flossing I clean houses so I don't see how they accure) I spray mirror with glass cleaner then with a damp SRATCH FREE blue scrub spounge ( not the yellow sponge with green scrub back!) aply pressure to the spots scrubbing with the BLUE scrub part. Then when troubled spots are gone spray again with glass cleaner and wipe with old white t-shirt leaves no streaks or lint and cheaper than paper towels


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