Mold and Mildew Removal from Wood Furniture

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How can I remove mold and mildew from my fine wood furniture?

Mold and Mildew Removal from Wood Furniture

Cleaning wood furniture can cause irreparable damage to the furniture's finish if the wrong methods are used, so start with gentle cleaners, working up to stronger solutions as necessary. Always test cleaners first in an inconspicuous area, such as the back or bottom or the furniture, before applying to a larger area. To remove mold and mildew from wood furniture, first try wiping the wood with a soft cloth and a solution of water and a mild dish detergent, using circular strokes. Keep the cloth barely damp, being careful not to saturate the wood. Rinse the cloth frequently. You can also use a commercial wood cleaner, such as Murphy's Oil Soap, instead. If the piece still looks dirty, try using mineral spirits. If the wood still looks dirty after using mineral spirits, the wood furniture will require professional treatment. Once the wood has been cleaned, the wood must be protected with wood furniture wax.



8/12/2007 12:49:51 PM
Teresa said:

Thanks so much! It was not easy to find such clear concise advice.

1/16/2008 5:20:48 PM
cynthia said:

My bedroom flooded, I had to set my furniture outside during the reconstruction of my room. Though I thought that I had covered the chest completely it got wet and molded. I hope that your suggestion will work, my grandparents had this chest since I was a child. thanx Cynthia.

10/7/2011 11:23:20 PM
judy said:

This sounds logical


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