Gasoline Stain Removal from Car Interior

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How can I remove a gasoline stain from the inside of my car?

Gasoline Stain Removal from Car Interior

To remove a gasoline stain from your car's interior, treat the stain with a mixture of one teaspoon each of vinegar (to remove the odor) and mild dish detergent (to clean the stain) in a quart of warm water. Let the area dry, and if any spot remains, you may need to repeat. If this does not seem to be working, try using dry-cleaning solvent.



7/31/2007 5:14:19 PM
Marty said:

I tried using this in my SUV and it resulted in a permanant stain in my carpet that the gasoline had not originally caused, and the fumes were still unbearable. I later learned that this would have worked without leaving a stain: Attend to the spill as soon as possible! Soak up as much of the gasoline as possible with paper towels; apply very liberal amounts of baking soda and rub it deeply into the carpet (until it "disappears" and then reapplying until it starts to accumulate on the surface) and let set over night; Vacuum with a shop vac or commercial vacuum until all traces of the baking soda is gone. It may take several applications (especially if you had a large spill or one that was not immediately attended to).

12/31/2008 4:11:06 AM
swede said:

if the stain is fresh try useing a large amount of cat litter. let it set for about an hour than vac. repeat if needed


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