Grease Stain Removal from Clothing

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How can I remove grease stains from my clothing?

Grease Stain Removal from Clothing

To remove a black grease stain from clothing, try saturating the stain with rubbing alcohol, then blot with a clean white cloth. If the stain persists, try using a grease cutting dish detergent, such as Dawn, and rub with a soft toothbrush. Another option, although it seems crazy, is to soak the soiled area overnight in a solution of detergent, Coca-Cola and water. Launder as usual.



9/26/2007 5:37:26 AM
sandy said:

I really like that idea!!

9/26/2007 9:07:12 AM
ancientsoulwoman said:

I have always used orange hand cleaner and have never seen a stain remain. I keep a tub by the laundry basket and by the washing machine. No rubbing, soaking or extra work. I apply it with a popsicle stick when I take the garmet off and forget it.

9/27/2007 11:03:45 AM
lone_wolf said:


9/27/2007 11:23:52 AM
Bob Dennis said:

Coca Cola will love this. Leave off the detergent and you can clean the lining of your stomach.

9/30/2007 6:42:51 AM
Rusty said:

I worked on the north slope oil fields during the winter months. You tip about Coca-Cola was learned there and worked well on diesel in clothing.

12/7/2007 8:42:14 AM
April Marie said:

I tried the rubbing alcohol but it doesn't work and the coca cola thing i don't even want to try that. thats just another stain for me to have to get out.

12/19/2007 9:43:43 PM
Brittney Kudalis said:

I was SO disappointed when i was helping my dad jump-start the car and i got car grease on my WHITE faux fur jacket. i thought i wasn't going to get it out. we looked everywhere for something to clean it with when my dad came across the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. We thought "why not give it a try?" Amazingly it worked so good, the spot that had grease on it was cleaner and whiter than the whole jacket itself! it looked brand new again! i guess if you try weird things, you find out that it can work perfectly!

5/28/2008 7:06:42 AM
matt hurdle said:

Baby powder will remove grease stains. Just rub baby powder on the stain and let sit for two or three days.Then wash clothes normally. Even works if already been in dryer!

11/21/2008 12:36:59 AM
Sue said:

I am going to give it a try. Sounds good.

1/25/2009 11:42:06 AM
Ben said:

Does it really work??

3/10/2009 9:15:46 AM
ANDREA said:


3/12/2009 7:23:02 AM
Marc said:

Try saturating the stain with waterless hand cleaner, let sit over night, and launder as usual. Works on tar stains also.

3/13/2009 5:04:10 PM
koala said:

Castile soap works great, too, instead if Dawn. Takes even old grease stains (from cooking) out.

3/17/2009 8:09:11 AM
kathy west said:

I used to drive truck and every time I hooked up to a trailer I wood get fifthwheel grease on my shirt, jacket and jeans. I used to treat the grease spots with a baby wipe, then later when I found time to do laundry, I would treat the grease stains with pine-sol. I gently rubbed the pine-sol into the stain and put extra in the washer. this works for all grease based stains,even Ink pens and marking pens. also removes stains from walls and furniture. you have to use the original brand of pine-sol the others don't work as well

7/9/2011 1:02:33 PM
achee said:

Great tip,
thank you


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