Rayon Tie Cleaning

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How can I clean a rayon tie?

Rayon Tie Cleaning

To clean a rayon tie, use Woolite and cold water. Pre-treat any stains by saturating them with full-strength Woolite and brush lightly with an old soft toothbrush. Add approximately 2 teaspoons of Woolite to 1 quart of cold water and stir. Depending upon the severity of the stain, soak the tie in the Woolite solution for anywhere from 3-30 minutes. Rinse the tie thoroughly with warm water. Roll the tie into a flat square and squeeze the excess water out carefully. Roll the tie back out and hang it to dry. Blot any remaining water from the tie with a clean white cloth. Shape the tie back into its proper shape and continue to shape, if necessary, while the tie is drying. Let the tie dry completely, preferably overnight. When the tie is thoroghly dry, iron it on a warm setting, trying not to iron it too flat. These directions are only for washing rayon, crepe and satin ties. Do not use this cleaning procedure on silk ties.



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