Sneaker Cleaning

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How should I clean sneakers?

Sneaker Cleaning

The best way to clean white sneakers is with an old toothbrush and some form of a cleanser. Murphy?s Oil Soap, liquid laundry detergent, Comet, etc. are all good choices. Air dry. Most sneakers can be washed in the washing machine, but it will shorten their lifespan, and may cause some of the glue to come loose. If any stains remain after cleaning, they can be covered up with white shoe polish. If you choose to wash your sneakers in a washing machine, remove the laces and wash them on their own or with a couple of old towels. Don't use bleach. Let your sneakers air dry or machine dry on a "fluff air" cycle, since the heat of the dryer can melt parts of the sneakers. "Air" type sneakers cannot be washed in a machine. For spot removal, you can try some white-colored (but not whitening) non-gel toothpaste and a soft toothbrush, then rinse with water.



10/25/2007 5:53:25 AM
Praise King said:

This is very good, good to know that the most celebrated form of washing machine wash is not the very best option, helps to clear the questions I've always had about the effect of the washing machine on the longevity of an expensive item as sneakers. Thank you and God be with you.

10/25/2007 11:00:45 AM
brenda said:

Your tip on cleaning tennis shoes was very helpful. I was also wondering how to clean my tennis shoes that have a suede finish to them?


10/27/2007 7:15:10 AM
applehctud said:

i have not tried it but i will do this. i need a good remedy for cleaning tennis shoes.

1/24/2009 1:33:22 PM
Runner said:

Not too comprehensive advice since many sneakers include some kind of fabric with the leather, along with "air" soles.

4/15/2009 8:02:33 PM
Phisherman said:

I was a athletic shoesalesman at one point. We used Formula 409 to clean our sneakers. Removed shoe laces are easy to handwash.

2/12/2012 7:10:00 PM
Rod said:

I have found the best way to wash my smeakers is to use any kind of spray and wash. Makes them just like new. Take a scrub brush, get it wet, spray the shoes with spray and wash, scrub and rinse. It will even remove grass stain on the white soles of sneakers.


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