Wax Removal from Linoleum Floor

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How can I clean candle wax off of linoleum?

Wax Removal from Linoleum Floor

To remove candle wax from linoleum, first chip off as much of the surface wax as possible, using a dull knife. Then, place several layers of paper towel over remaining wax, and apply a warm iron to draw wax into the paper towels. Replace the paper towels if they become saturated.



9/18/2006 11:22:39 AM
grandma wheezy said:

This works great. Just be sure to start with a WARM iron, if needed you can always turn it to a higher temp, but you don't want to melt the floor!

5/22/2007 5:25:56 AM
cecilia said:

An ice pack, the kind you use in insulated lunch bags, work great at removing wax without the need of scraping or the risk of burning the floor.


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