Suede Shoes Care and Cleaning

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How do I clean my suede shoes and keep them clean after each use?

Suede Shoes Care and Cleaning

Suede is a very difficult material to clean. New suede shoes can be treated with a protective suede spray. Never use water to clean suede. To restore its nap, rub suede with a bath towel, nail brush or suede brush. Dry stains and marks can be removed by gently rubbing with a pencil eraser or fine grit sandpaper on the affected area. If the suede has an oil stain, try using talcum powder to absorb it. Leave the powder on overnight, then use the suede brush to lift the nap. You can apply a small amount of white vinegar to a damp cloth as a last resort for cleaning suede shoes, but be aware that this may leave a vinegar smell; gently rub the surface of the shoe with the cloth, then allow it to air dry. All other stains on suede should be professionally treated.



4/21/2007 3:08:31 PM
julie said:

i wish i had this info before i ruined a pair of

11/29/2011 3:10:58 PM
Jennifer said:

This is useful information. But is there a waterproofing spray for suede?

2/9/2015 10:37:49 AM
Carmen said:

Really helpful post! Thank you a lot for sharing! You just saved my favorite pear of shoes!


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