Stool Stain Removal from Clothing or Diapers

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How can I remove baby stool stains from clothing?

Stool Stain Removal from Clothing or Diapers

To get the baby stool stains out of your clothing, try using an enzyme pre-soak or liquid, such as Biz or Axion. The enzymes digest the stain in the same way your body digests food. Soak the stain, then wash as usual.



8/4/2007 6:05:56 PM
BGBear said:

Wetting the area then sprinkling on meat tenderizer, rubbing gently to make a paste, allowing to sit several hours or overnight, then wetting again before washing in recommeded fabric temperature works great too.

9/23/2007 10:23:57 AM
Hope Brenden said:

I used to do this years ago with my babies diapers but had forgotten about it. Now I am incontinent and have the stool stain problem.
Thanks to you jogging my memory I have a solution to the problem. works terrific.

9/23/2007 4:52:37 PM
Cherie said:

Another thing I have found useful in removing any and all stool stains is shampoo. I have been told it may be the glycerin that is in soap, BUT whatever it is that takes the oils out of our hair gets these stains also out of clothing. Put on a little shampoo (I use Suave) and I use a vegetable brush to get the shampoo worked into the clothing, then I wash as normal and VOILA!

9/24/2007 10:05:03 AM
Dessa Ann Ossman said:

I found that soaking clothing and/or bedding in Oxi-Clean for several hours or overnight does the trick. Start with very hot water and 2-3 scoops of Oxi-Clean in an oversized bucket. Wash as usual with your regular detergent. This removed stains that chlorine bleach could not touch and Oxi-Clean is not harmful to the fabric.

9/24/2007 4:09:27 PM
Laurel said:

I find that using liquid laundry detergent and prewash like Spray-N-Wash together removes the stains washed in warm or hot water cycle removes the stains.

3/1/2009 7:08:29 AM
yatskom said:

Biz and Axion work well, but if you don't have them shampoo is equal to the job as an enzyme buster.

3/1/2009 4:40:21 PM
klbd said:

My husband soils his underwear and this cleaning trick saves the day!!!!

3/2/2009 4:16:35 AM
Jessica said:

Be careful about using enzyme treatments if the material will be right against your baby's skin as some babies' skin is sensitive to them. If you find that's a problem, sunshine is usually very effective.


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