White Rubber Soles on Shoes

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How can I get the white rubbers soles of my shoes white again?

White Rubber Soles on Shoes

To get your white rubber soles, white again, I would recommend using white-wall cleaner (designed for tires). Follow the package directions for cleaning tires. You could also try ice skate cleaner that you can purchase from a sporting goods shop.



8/5/2007 11:18:31 PM
Rhonda said:

I tried this..it worked, but then the rubber turned a yellowish color..Mean-Green is the best!!!

10/22/2007 7:18:53 AM
MattNYC said:

Try also the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It does an amazing job of gently pulling off dirt from smooth tennis shoe leather and rubber soles.

10/24/2007 5:15:44 AM
Frank said:

Who has white wall tires anymore? Good luck finding white wall cleaners.

4/12/2009 9:51:32 AM
alice said:

ok idea but I use 409 spray all over shoes for spots.???

4/12/2009 6:41:57 PM
natasha patterson said:

that is a good idea, try mr clean magic eraser that works great too!!!

4/12/2009 9:26:13 PM
Nic R. said:

I would also recommend using a Magic Eraser to get those white soles white once again!

4/5/2015 10:27:07 AM
jack said:

Try licking it then adding soy sauce and leave for 10 minutes to dry


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