Cleaning Baseboards

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How can I clean my wall baseboards?

Cleaning Baseboards

Baseboards are difficult to clean with a cloth because imperfections in the wood can snag it and make the cleaning slow. Using a wet rag can take a long time and add too much moisture to the wood. The ideal way to clean baseboards is to use baby wipes. Purchase baby wipes that are alcohol and fragrance free. This keeps the wipes from drying out the baseboards as you clean them. The light moisture in the wipes allows you to clean the baseboards without a lot of wetting and wringing of rags. And, they are disposable, so it's easy to continue to clean all of the baseboards without stopping to wet down more rags. The aloe that is often added to baby wipes helps to condition the wood as you wipe it down. One small box of baby wipes is inexpensive and can be stored long term to clean the baseboards as needed.



10/12/2006 4:50:25 PM
Pat said:

I use a toothbrush and a kitchen antibacterial spray cleaner for the floof baseboards. This way, I can get into cracks and crevices. I like the sock idea in addition to what I already use to wipe away the grime the toothbrush loosens.

10/12/2006 7:18:08 PM
dakotalady34 said:

Sounds sensible to me. Certainly will give it a try. Not an easy job at any rate.

10/13/2006 12:41:53 AM
randy romano said:


6/27/2007 11:29:29 AM
momofmanyx said:

i have my kids use a wet wash cloth and dampen the area first

i then use a toothbrush....i will try the sock thing too!

1/18/2008 3:52:17 PM
Karen K. said:

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works wonders.

3/15/2008 7:59:53 AM
Tracee said:

I clean houses for a living. I dilute mr.clean in a spray bottle and spray a large area. By the time i get back to where i started, it's all broken up and i take a sponge and wipe it all off. It works great, smells nice, and there's no scrubbing to take off the paint.

3/15/2008 4:26:35 PM
Spencer said:

I use a soft scrub brush and a small pail of warm soapy water. Scrub using lots of water and the grime will come off. Then dry using paper towels or a large rag. Even better: spray Simple Green (or similar) on the baseboards about 5 minutes before you start. Works every time!

3/15/2008 7:52:25 PM
Judy said:

I use a sponge mop which lays nicely on top of baseboards and also does flat part and top of baseboards. No getting on hands and knees.
Works great!

3/30/2008 10:00:46 AM
Theo said:

I use spray furniture polish on my glossy vintage baseboards. It picks up everything and leaves them perfectly clean. Nothing else I've tried works half as well.

3/30/2008 3:39:01 PM
jkturnage said:

I've used old toothbrushes and they still left gunk in corners/crevices. Recently, I purchased a vapor steam cleaner for around $80 at a local home improvement store and steam cleaned them. I have painted baseboards and just shot hot steam at the trouble spots wiping up the excess water with a towel. My baseboards are once again sparkling white and new looking.

11/16/2008 12:47:58 AM
kasandra said:

I use lysol wipes. It cleans the baseboards so fast! I just wipe along the baseboards with a sheet.

1/10/2009 8:32:31 PM
Yolind said:

A combination of distilled vinegar and water (1 cup vinegar to a gallon water - adjust concentration to your desire) will clean baseboards, walls, counters, mirrors, and even safe on wood furnitures. I use Old English once a month to maintain shine on wood furnitures. I use a gallon mixture in a backet to clean all rooms, leaving the bathrooms to be the last. This method has been my "best friend" for many years - one cheapest way to get your house clean and fresh.

7/15/2009 9:42:11 AM
louie28 said:

Put a little vinegar in your water instead of soap and it does a nice job cleaning.

7/15/2009 11:49:01 AM
stout05 said:

Wow! That's a use for our orphaned socks! I knew I kept the singles for a reason!

7/15/2009 12:28:46 PM
idahosenior said:

Since I'm a senior citizen now, I've been cleaning baseboards for "awhile" now! It is definitely best to vacuum first using the soft brush tool on the end of the long wand. Washing without vacuuming first adds tons of work since the dust turns to wet dirt quickly. (I try to vacuum a baseboard or two each time I clean so that they don't get completely out of control.)

7/15/2009 10:22:00 PM
MairlynKay said:

I use the brush attachment on my Dyson vacuum, brushes dust & dirt loose and vacuums that up at the same time.

7/2/2011 11:12:40 AM
Kemele Laventa said:

If you are trying to remove hair-spray from your painted walls, try this method... Use 1 cup of baking soda and a small bucket of warm water, mix until disolved or the water is clear.!!!

I hope this will help for you and I am sure this will help you!!! It helped me so it will help you:<)


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