Silk Tie Stain Removal

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How can I remove a food stain from my silk tie?

Silk Tie Stain Removal

You can remove food stains on your silk ties by first gently wiping off as much residue as possible with a soft cloth. You can then treat the spot with either a commercial product called Energine or with dry-cleaning solvent. If a ring forms around the area where the stain was, you can remove it by holding the tie over steam from a kettle until it disappears.



8/3/2007 10:43:32 AM
meagan said:

boy, i hope that works, i can use it on my silk shirts! :)

1/9/2009 4:03:07 PM
Jim said:

I have over 200 neckties, most of them silk. Until I saw this tip, I thought I was going to have to give up eating soup or spaghetti with marinara sauce! Thanks.


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