Softer Towels

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How can I keep my towels soft?

Softer Towels

The cause of stiffness in laundry is usually that too much detergent has been left in the clothing. To make your towels softer, use less detergent than normal, and add white vinegar to the first rinse cycle. You may also want to add an extra rinse cyle when washing towels. Line dried towels do not get as fluffy and soft as ones dried in the dryer, but this should help.



6/3/2007 5:12:38 AM
Diane said:

how much vinegar do you add to the wash?

7/12/2007 12:47:31 AM
Enigma said:

And do not add softener, it will diminish the absorbency.

7/12/2007 10:11:48 AM
judy johnson said:

I did exactly as mentioned,and my towels+bed linens are soft+clean smelling.

7/12/2007 12:30:10 PM
susan said:

great idea uhate getting out of the shower and drying of what feels like cardboard

7/13/2007 10:21:47 AM
sam said:

I think this makes alot of sense.I am going to try it right now,

7/13/2007 10:07:56 PM
Nadine said:

Thanks for the great advice!

12/19/2008 5:26:41 PM
Mary Ann said:

I have used white vinegar in my rinse cycle for all my laundry for years. It is a good fabric softner, without the residue in the washer or stains from the fabric softner on your laundry

11/8/2011 2:01:56 AM
mohn said:



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