Wedding Dress Cleaning

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How can I clean my wedding dress?

Wedding Dress Cleaning

Wedding dress manufacturer's recommend that wedding dresses be dry cleaned. You may be able to clean it yourself, but you would likely lose some of the lustre. It's worth the extra money to have the dress professionally cleaned and have wonderful memories for years to come. Also, the cost of cleaning is much cheaper than replacing a ruined dress. Check at local bridal shops in your area to see if they can recommend a cleaner who specializes in bridal gowns. However, if you are willing to take a chance you can gently wash your dress in Woolite in the bathtub then let it air dry. Stuff it with acid-free tissue paper and store it in a 100% cotton garment bag or wrapped in 100% cotton sheets that have been rinsed with distilled water. If you choose to store it in an acid-free cardboard box, you'll need to change the box every three to five years since cardboard is absorbent and even acid-free boxes can re-acidify over time. Store it in a cool, dry place (so no hot attics or damp basements).



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