Smoke Odor Removal after Fire

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How can I remove the smoke odor left in my house after a fire?

Smoke Odor Removal after Fire

To remove the smoke odor, you will need to give EVERYTHING a thorough cleaning. Walls, curtains, cupboards, ceiling, etc. When washing the curtains, or anything else washable, add 1 cup of vinegar to the rinse water to remove odors. Use baking soda as a scrubbing agent on the walls and ceiling, and after everything is clean, place small bowls of vinegar throughout to collect any lingering odors. Also, try to get as much fresh air through the room as possible.



10/11/2006 11:43:48 PM
candace said:

I worked in fire diaster restoration for awhile so I know this works. I also suggest that for hard to get rid of odors of the fire allow item to bath in the sun. Sun gives off ozone which is what companies use to get rid of smells.

10/13/2006 7:11:03 AM
Wanda said:

Thank you! This works also for cigarette smoke. Thanks!

3/6/2007 8:39:29 AM
PatB said:

A dry wallpaper cleaning brick sold at paint store works great on glass and walls.
Dawn cuts it if the smoke was caused by a meat or grease.

12/13/2007 3:12:36 PM
Lindsey said:

I wish I had known to use vinegar in our laundry after we had a housefire. The insurance company sent all of our belongings to be "cleaned" professionally. It was awful! Everything either has or is in the process of falling apart from the harsh chemicals they used.

3/20/2008 6:57:10 AM
Jane said:

Pine Sol works better than vinegar at removing smoke odor, as well as washing up hard items like ceramics to remove soot. A cup of pine sol in the wash cycle will totally kill the odor in your clothes. (you may want to use lots of fabric softener to kill the smell of the pine sol.)


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