Paint Stain Removal from Leather Upholstery

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How can I remove paint from leather?

Paint Stain Removal from Leather Upholstery

To remove paint from leather furniture, try wiping the area with rubbing alcohol or turpentine. Try both of these in a non-visible area on the leather first, to ensure that they will not remove the dyes or harm the leather. You can also try cleaning the area with saddle soap, which will not harm the leather, or spray the stains with Armor All, which is also safe on leather.



10/8/2006 7:59:56 PM
Ishaan said:

Excellent advice...actually for my car

7/9/2012 10:50:50 PM
Howard said:

I used rubbing alcohol (70%)to remove paint from my black leather seats in my car... Then I used Leather Cleaner/Conditioner (McGuiar's) to finish it off. Looks brand new...


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