Washing Whites

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What temperature is best for washing white clothes?

Washing Whites

Hot water works the best, since your detergent will dissolve and work the most effectively at this temperature. Water rinses equally well at any temperature, however, so be sure to rinse all your clothes using cold water to save on hot water. If your clothes are not particularly soiled, you could probably get away with using hot water every second or third washing to save on hot water as well. Be sure to always follow the washing directions given on the label of your clothes for best results.



12/17/2008 7:58:59 PM
marlene said:

on washing whites. all these tips are the way i have always done my clothes...and it work's just as good, to use cold water..if u have a stain just pre soak with a detergent or a spray around the collar or a spot on the garment...


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