Permanent Marker Stain Removal from Wood Furniture

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How do I remove permanent marker from wood furniture?

Permanent Marker Stain Removal from Wood Furniture

To remove a permanent marker stain from wood furniture, there are a few options available. You could try WD-40, non-gel toothpaste, or possibly baby wipes. Also, I'd suggest a bit of alcohol on a white cloth or paper towel, or visiting an office supply store to get a commercial felt pen ink remover. I would also recommend trying the method you choose on an inconspicuous area of the wood first to ensure that it doesn't damage the finish.



8/4/2006 10:23:47 PM
Colleen said:

My 3 year old wrote with red marker on our hardwood floor! I tried baby wipes and that wasn't working. I switched to alcohol and that worked! The marks are gone! Thank you so much.

5/21/2007 8:53:40 AM
Cyrille said:

We tried Goo Gone on the marker on the furniture, followed by alcohol and it looks good as new.

8/1/2007 11:17:11 AM
linda said:

My Grandson colored on a white piece of paper that bled through onto my beautiful wooden table. I took a "dry eraser marker pen" (used on white boards) and scribbled directly over each line. In a few minutes I simply wiped it with a paper towel and the markings were gone.

10/29/2007 5:23:13 PM
Leslie Hunt said:

Sharpie on our most expensive piece of furniture--alcohol took it off immediately! Thanks

1/28/2008 3:07:02 PM
shelly said: coffee table was ruined with my kids markers..I had tried everything (I thought) then as a last resort before throwing it away I googled for a solution and this wesite came up. So I tried the toothpaste and I was AMAZED>>>IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!!!!!!! A scotchbrite sponge, a little water, toothpaste and very little elbow grease...and the pen was all entirely table honestly is back to new,...THANKYOU!!!

9/10/2008 12:41:24 AM
bill said:

I have had good luck a magic eraser(any brand will do). Took the sharpie right off the wood with no damage and no hard scrubbing

4/28/2009 5:24:08 PM
Aliyssa said:

my dauter used a black permanate maker on her bed and we tried organic tooth paste and wiped it right out! I dont know how but I did thank you so much !

9/14/2011 11:57:58 PM
Honesty said:

Aerosol hairspray removes permanent marker...

11/9/2011 9:06:17 PM
CJ said:

My son was completing a project and used permanent marker on my wood dining room table.I used Arm and Hammer toothpaste. Mark disappered after vigorously scrubbing for about 5mins. I recommend it for tough stains. Good luck.


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