Carpet Tape Residue Removal from Wood Floor

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How do I remove carpet tape from a wood floor?

Carpet Tape Residue Removal from Wood Floor

If you have carpet tape or residue on your wood floors, try to remove as much of the carpet tape as you can before hand. You may find scraping with a dull edge, such as a plastic scraper helpful. Once you have removed as much as you can, you have a few options at to how to remove the remaining tape and glue. Several things should work, such as vegetable oil, WD-40, Goo Gone, De-Solv-It, Avon Skin So Soft, or a pre-soak laundry spray. Saturate the tape, and let sit for at least an hour. The tape should then slide right off, with a few areas possibly needing a second attempt.



9/30/2006 7:11:38 AM
Robyn Telfer said:


I tried your tip on how to remove carpet tape with Avon Skin So Soft and it worked a treat. I did as you said and soaked the affected areas for an hour. The tape so much much easier to remove and believe me I have tried a few times over the last couple of years and nothing would ever budge it. I still had to use a bit of the old elbow grease and a green washing up scourer but the results are fantastic and the floor smells and looks great too. Thanks so much for suggesting this - Robyn (Scotland)

2/28/2007 11:21:39 AM
Barbara Sadovnic said:

If you heat the tape with a hair dryer, then loosen a corner with a scraper, you can pull it up. I just kept the hair dryer pointed just ahead of the area I was pulling. The floor is still a bit sticky, but the Goo Gone, etc. takes care of that. With Goo Gone alone this was going to be a SLOW job.

8/24/2009 12:55:15 PM
Marie Fargo said:

I used double-sided tape to secure a runner to the carpet. There is still adhesive on the carpet that is attracting residue. How can I clean up this mess - both the adhesive and the residue? Many thanks.

12/12/2011 2:58:21 PM
Sheila said:

Thanks for the tip. I used vegetable oil, soapy water and mr. Clean eraser. Took it right up.

12/12/2011 4:11:27 PM
Sheila said:

Thanks for the tip. I used vegetable oil, soapy water and mr. Clean eraser. Took it right up.

1/17/2012 10:01:49 AM
Maribeth Kraus said:

Which Skin So Soft product?

4/18/2015 10:38:43 PM
Molly said:

We used WD-40 and a butterknife for the difficult areas. It worked pretty well.


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