Ink Stain Removal from Wallpaper

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How can I remove ink from my wallpaper?

Ink Stain Removal from Wallpaper

You can remove ink from wallpaper by using either hairspray or lemon juice. Spray the area well then wipe with a clean cloth. You may need to use several applications. Remember to always test in a non-visible area first to be sure that this does not harm your wallpaper.



8/21/2007 2:28:16 PM
Ruthie Chesebro said:

The wallpaper got smeary from the hairspray and the lemon juice made it smell pleasant but didn't do anything.BYE!

8/21/2007 2:32:01 PM
Ruthie Chesebro said:

The lemon juice smells good on the wallpaper.

8/21/2007 2:50:28 PM
Ruthie said:

The ink is blemishing on the wallpaper And it is
sweet to get it of the wallpaper.

8/21/2007 3:06:04 PM
John said:

Sorry,we cannot tell a lie and as the experiment didn't work,we cannot say it worked wonderfully.

8/21/2007 3:11:42 PM
John said:

Neither the lemon juice nor the hairspray worked.

8/27/2007 9:00:24 AM
Ruthie said:

I like using lemon juice. This is a good tip to do when you're going to have a guest that wants everything neat & clean. It works well.

3/5/2008 11:34:24 AM
osusieq901 said:

This is a great idea! I would have never thought about hairspray. Also, remember WD-40 also will take off crayons and ink. Who would have guessed?

5/15/2009 9:23:34 AM
Marilyn Coverley said:

I have used hairspay before to get ink out of clothes and it does work, you have to wash it after with a soft soap liquid


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