Crayon on Upholstery

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How do I get crayon marks off my car upholstery?

Crayon on Upholstery

To get crayon marks off upholstery, first scrape excess crayon off with a dull-edge knife or metal spoon. Spray with WD-40 and let stand a few minutes. With a small, stiff bristle brush work crayon stain and wipe with paper towels. Respray with WD-40 and apply liquid dishwashing detergent on the sprayed area; work in with the brush and wipe stain away with a damp sponge. If stain remains, repeat the procedure.



8/18/2006 12:30:10 PM
Gayle said:

This worked immediately to remove the crayon color from the fabric of our office chair. I did not know whether to soak w/ the dishwashing detergent, so I put a little on and worked it in with a wet scrub brush. The crayon marks are gone. Just waiting for the damp spots to dry and hoping the WD 40 won't leave any marks. But I think it'll be ok.


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